I Got My Mom a Security System

When I called my mother last month to check on her, as I do every week, she was a bit subdued. I finally managed to find out that there was a robbery less than a mile from her. She lives close to Chicago, and I knew that it was a matter of time before crime reached her little neighborhood. I told her that the crime near you was inevitable, but that we could get her a security system to help deter criminals from doing anything to her residence. My mom is tough, so I knew she would be able to take care of herself should anyone try to break in.

The thing is, neither one of us wanted that to happen. She has a gun, plus she has two dogs. However, she did not want to think about taking anyone’s life though she would in a heartbeat if it meant her life or theirs. She also did not want to put her dogs at risk, which I cannot blame her. They are like her children, and she would be heartbroken if anything happened to them. A security system seemed to be the answer to this.

I looked at different companies, and ADT is the company that seemed to be the best one. They have the best ratings, plus their prices are more affordable than what I thought they would be. I looked at the different packages they offer, and I decided to get the one that will also detect if there is a fire or carbon monoxide. While we only think about the dangers outside normally, the ones inside can be just as deadly. Now that she has her own security system, I know that we are both resting a lot easier. It is a shame that it has come to this, but I am glad that we have resources to protect us even more.