The End of the Moles

For years I’ve had these really unsightly moles that I would always try to hide. I didn’t like going shirtless because I was afraid that people would see my moles and become disgusted by it like I was. I never really had the money to get rid of them, but once I did, I looked for a medical and aesthetic clinic that would be able to treat them. Although I was ready for the moles to go, I still had a little fear about what kind of procedure would be used to get rid of them.

After talking with a doctor at the clinic, I learned that they had a special treatment that would be relatively painless and get rid of the moles. The procedure was described as so painless that I would be able to resume my normal activities in the same day that I got the treatment. I was also informed that there would be very little scarring from the treatment. I took one last moment to think about it, and agreed to have the procedure done. Just as the doctor said, it was relatively painless. They covered the areas where the moles were with bandages until they healed completely.

Once the bandages were taken off, the skin underneath was as smooth as the rest of the skin around it. Those large, brown problems that had bugged me for years were finally gone. The first thing I did that day after getting the bandages removed was visiting the local pool. I did a big dive into the pool with no shirt on, and swam until my arms and legs were tired. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, because they had never seen me so happy to go swimming, and they had never seen me without my shirt in the pool.